Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tu m'a dit oui

In Grid - Oui

Tu m'as dit oui que tu vas m'epouser
Tu m'as dit oui, ton amour est vrai
Mais tu sors avec des femmes
Et rentre avec leur parfum

About a guy who says he wants to marry his chick, but goes out with girls and comes back with their scent on him.
I think this song is a nice example of a weirdly combined beat and lyrics. If I only judge the music, I think of it as a typical summer song (which it is in fact), but when you see the lyrics the atmosphere is quite different, a bit darker and sad. This is the only song by In Grid I know, I guess she was just a typical one day fly, maybe she had some more hits in France, or maybe I haven't noticed her before or after.

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