Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bring the drama

Yeah God this was the best idea you've had since you sent the tsunami. Why not let all my friends get their drama DAYS before my exams, and let them all need me, and let me want to help them.
First I spend my entire night helping 3 of my friends who all have a sudden breakdown, because their girlfriend broke up with them, might break up with them (yes J., M. might break up with E. omg.), or has broken up with them 3 weeks ago and they think everyone thinks they're ugly. And right after that. I finally feel like I've helped them, and to thank me, God sends this impossibly arrogant selfish idiot (one of the people I actually defend because my friends don't like him) towards my side of the bar, to just sit and sulk, and when I've finally found the courage to leave my friends in need because I NEED SLEEP, this idiot dares to send me an sms that practically says I'm an arrogant bitch who needs to die because she doesn't care about anyones feelings, and oh yeah, good luck on my shitty exams. Fucking bastard. Small thanks I had for it. God, it'll take me a while to forgive you for this one.

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