Thursday, May 1, 2008


Yeah the truth is that I am realllllly bored. That's why all these blogs were written on the same day. I just woke up so inspired that I couldn't spread stuff over a few days. So yeah.
Anyway. These moments when I'm so utterly bored are really dangerous for me. As I said before I am a hugely obsessive person, and mostly it ends with someone thinking I'm a freak. Most of the time I forget my obsessions afterwards, but there have been a few that have kind of affected my life:

My Scrubs obsession. Yes the tv show. A friend of mine bought the first 3 seasons on DVD, and he lent them to me, then I spent 6 straight days watching all episodes on it over and over again. It made me screw up 2 tests, and indirectly it got me into a huge fight with my then boyfriend.

My Harry Potter obsession. This one was huge. And there are still little traces left. When I read the first book I immediately fell in love with the series, and I have spent years writing book reports (for fun, that's how bad it was), buying the books in all possible languages, fangirling over the characters (Malfoy was my favorite), playing with my friends and having fights over who would be Hermione, and of course collecting everything on the subject. Every book that came out got read in 3 hours, and then it would be waiting for the next one for a year. After reading the last book it kind of felt like closure, and that's the point where it stopped.

My Football obsession. Soccer. Not the American sport. WC2006. I was 16 and I didn't really know much about football (I knew the offside rule, but that was about it), and then I saw it and besides falling in love with all the running, sweaty, married men on the field, the atmosphere really appealed to me. I still watch a lot of games, especially when arsenal is playing and they show it around here (otherwise it's waiting for reports written by my friends on the internet), but it's been a lot worse.

My Portugal obsession. This was probably the worst one. I went on a vacation with my parents to Portugal, and it was so much fun that I've spent some months searching for ways to move there *laughs at self*. Still traces left of that one as well. I might be studying Portuguese language and culture in a year *whistles*.

My Tokio Hotel obsession. This was definitely the most pathetic one, but my excuse is that it was for fun. My friend and I were bored (yeah you're gonna hear that a lot from me), so we made up our very own tokio hotel obsession which involved listening to their songs and making ourselves believe we actually liked them and stuff.

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