Thursday, May 15, 2008

How to get over him

My way:
Step one: You cry. You cry and cry and cry when you're supposed to sleep and cry some more.
Step two: You blame him. Throw him out of your life. Burn his pictures. If he wants to be friends. SCREW HIM. If he didn't treat you like he should have hell no you can't be friends! Friends wouldn't treat each other the way he treated you. Get over the fact you'll never have an answer to a lot of questions. If you have things about him on your computer, throw them all in one file, and hide it somewhere on your computer so it's not in your face or anything. Think of it as this: if there ever comes a time when you can think about him and smile because things happened, you can always open these files. Before that day, DON'T open it.
Step three: You stalk your friends in the middle of the night because you can't sleep. You ask them what they like about you, and by doing this you try to convince yourself that you deserve better. The longer it's been since you've spoken to him, the better this will work. Also, pay attention to any kind of positive energy from the other sex. Don't do anything with it, just see it as a compliment.
Step four: Do all the interesting, hot, possibly illegal stuff you couldn't do because you were with him. Hit on a boy and dump him afterwards. Don't think about the consequences for him, you've got a broken heart to mend.
Step five: Do more stuff with friends. Make new friends. Make plans for your holidays. Make sure you do everything you want to, and be positive. If some guy likes you, don't blow him off right away, even if things don't work out, it's nice for your confidence to know that someone likes you.
Step six: Keep ignoring your ex. Yes, he is your ex now. Maybe even your mistake. You don't make mistakes, you just date them. Don't ever call him your boyfriend ever again, not even when you tell people about the good things in your relationship. EX. Anyway, keep ignoring him. Don't care about what he does to/with others. Even if he'd fuck the entire world. As if he was that good anyway. If he tries to contact you, yell at him and hurt him emotionally. He doesn't feel sorry enough for you when you cry about him to make up and everything, so you shouldn't feel sorry for him either. Don't feel guilty. It is all his fault. Of course you know there are some things you could've done differently, but it's over, case closed, the end, and it should be the cue of happy ending music. There is a reason why you didn't end up together. The reason is that there is someone better out there.
Step seven: Stop talking about him. I know you want to tell everyone a million times about him, even if everything you want to say is bad, stop it. Your friends can't do anything about it anyway, what do you want them to do, break his nose? Will you feel better then? This process is yours, and though it sucks, afterwards you will feel much better. Just stop talking about him and stop thinking about him. See other guys. Meet new people. Realize that there are millions of cute guys in the world. Single ones that aren't gay.

It won't take you long to find someone else. Some steps can be forgotten. Sometimes you should add another step. Just because some idiot dumped you, doesn't mean that your life's over. It has just begun.
It's only been a month for me. 2 weeks of crying, 2 weeks of concentrating on other stuff. And now there are new boys in my life. muahahaha.

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Aan jou heb ik wat <3