Thursday, May 1, 2008


Okay let me make this clear: I am the laziest bum you will ever find on earth who still looks like a regular person. Oh how I would like that to change, but when thinking rationally about it I already conclude that it won't. At least not in the near future. However, I have other goals I want to be accomplished by the end of this year, and just for the sake of knowing that I have them I'm gonna write them down. At least one of them should be accomplished by then right?

- Save up some money, to travel to Milan or London (or Barça) with a friend.
- Learn to play Comptine d'une autre été by Yann Tiersen on the piano.
- Learn to play Imagine by John Lennon on the piano. (Singing included)
- Stop falling for guys who are taken.
- Pass my exams.
- Find a room in Utrecht.
- Stop eating so much Ben&Jerry's.
- Realize my ex was a stupid prick, realize that I deserve someone much better, more caring, someone less like Satan.
- Don't start biting my nails again.
- Never touch a cigarette.

Well. That's about it I guess. Let's see how things will work out.

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